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Since computers have become more connected and also interdependent. It has become more important that security be built into the design for all systems. Not put in as an afterthought. We provide design services, consultancy and training for designing secure system architectures. We hava also created unconventional but effective ways of securing systems to the benefit and peace of mind of our clients.

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As companies and people rely on computers to do more critical tasks, it is important that they system be designed with reliability. This required decades of experience and a committment to strict standards of system development. We have been delivering reliable systems since 1992 and also created many new techniques on the way to make systems more reliable than common designs in the industry.

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People need computers and many think they are expensive. We aim to deliver a greater than 20x return on investment in the projects we undertake.

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Dubai Computer Services offers training, consultancy and support which is beneficial in improving profits and revenues by improving the systems which are used by our clients. We offer expert advice, independent consulting, professional services and support for projects related to Information Technology and Communications within and outside the organization. Our key objectives are promoting good ICT management, reducing the causes of waste or resources, which lead to missed business opportunities, and helping to improve the delivery of services to the customers. We draw on substantial international experience in designing, implementing and monitoring these projects. Development occurs on many platforms in a variety of languages, databases and frameworks. Product and service procurement consulting (specifications, configurations, evaluations, installations, upgrades, and sales) is also provided. Our specializations are secure and reliable computing solutions.

MISSION: Our Mission is to provide products and services related to computers which are the best in security and reliability.

VISION: Our vision is to be the first choice for customers in secure and reliable computing solutions in UAE and Pakistan.

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